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Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner 2049

This is the visual staggering, romantic and tragic film. The famous character Harrison Ford as the blade runner was one of the future cop whose main job is to kill the replicants.
This has the poignant theme. This was telecasted in the different languages like Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Korean etc. This is the story so sinuous and maneuverable about the drama. This is the story that inspires The Terminator, Spielberg’s AI Artificial Intelligence, Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Andrew Stanton’s WALL-E and Spike Jonze’s Her.
This movie involves the setting for 30 years in the Los Angeles. This was based on the original theme of the replicants. This is the story which describes how the grotesque figures brooding creates the replicant and work on the different imperial plans. Another was the Ryan Gosling, was the limited lifespan replicant whose main job is to track and kill the first gen models. Gen models live more than the humans.
One more character called K. she was the virtual reality live girlfriend. There was the JOI both were believed that they all are in love with each other. Both understand the fact that both are the constructed artifacts.
Wallace has sent his assistant who is performing the crying without having any human emotion on his face.
K was finished her mission with the strangeness of everything. She was also considered as the interrogation module.
The production design of the Dennis Gasner and cinematography by Roger are very delighted. The musical score of Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer are wonderful.
This is the wonderful and extraordinary movie and you must have the cinema pleasure in your heart.

IMDB: /10

Blade Runner 2049


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