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Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)
Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Isn’t it true that all of us spend the maximum time being online, whether it’s on Skype, WhatsApp, FaceBook, twitter, Instagram? You name it and all of us have, if not more than at; least one account, each. We don’t share our joys/sorrows with our family, rather like posting it online and letting the whole wide world know (doesn’t matter if we know the persons or not, posting status and pictures is much more important than knowing a person and sharing our thoughts,)

Don’t you get it straight, weirdo, I’ll post about you all over the social media, I am connected to. Wait and watch. No, no, no please don’t get scared. I am just trying to say what people like you and me, do these days. Yes, even I am quite very much ‘addicted’ to my ‘life online’. Just like others even I like to post, weird things, stupid posts, statues which many a time makes no sense. In short, we all are ‘bugged’ up by this www, .com and stuff. But, let me ask you, till what extent .How much of it is good? Well! As we all know, addiction of any kind is not quite good and so is the addiction of net.

Well! One more thing, didn’t you realize that I am busy typing on the computer and you are busy ‘reading’ it on the ‘net’ itself. So here, goes about the flick, which I sat down to write.


Now, the sequel Unfriended; Dark web. A software engineer who gets a laptop from nowhere (it’s actually lost one) and finds out that in the middle of an online game which he played with his friends, that hard drive doesn’t have quite any space in it( 960 gigabytes – hidden ) in a folder which he is unable to access and when he somehow makes an attempt to find it, open it, it’s filled with  snuff films( where the person either commits suicide or is murdered by someone). That’s scary !

IMDB: /10

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)


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