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The huntsman: winter’s war 2016
The huntsman: winter’s war 2016

It is the dark fantasy adventure movie in which the story is narrated with the real feel of the characters and with the effects.

The whole story revolves around the two sisters Freya (Emily blunt) and the Ravenna (Charlize Theron). The Freya is casted as the ice queen and she brings back to Ravenna in her life and both the evil siblings try to conquer the Enchanted Forest.

Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and his lover Sara (Jessica Chastain) both shown as soldiers one with having efficiency in axe and the later is deadly archer. Sara has been shown as really courageous and handier with the bow that just fought against the two evil sisters

In the story line firstly the Ravenna whose husband got died got the news of the pregnancy of younger sister Freya because of illicit affair with the duke of Blackwood. Eventually she came to know by the magical mirror that beauty of her sister’s baby would suppress her

she played conspiracy for killing the baby girl of her sister and then she impose her brother in law for the murder of baby girl then as a revenge Freya unleashes her suppressed powers and kill the duke.

Thereafter she left kingdom and build her icy kingdom where love is announced as a prohibited and entire children are trained as an army of huntsmen but Eric and Sara two trained warriors of her kingdom fall in love with each other. As soon as Freya came to know about them she builds the icy wall between them but Sara want to elope with Eric.

After 7 years kind William of Tabor tell Eric about magical mirror and Ravenna also listen their conversation and all of them try for magical mirror and Freya got victory by using her powers to make Sara icy statue and by killing Eric.

But both get rescued but Freya remain oblivion about it while destroying the mirror it she came to know about the unfold mystery of her daughter’s death and conspiracy of her sister Ravenna then she join hands with Sara and Eric even got wounded while fighting against her sister but Eric with an Axe kills Ravenna who was bound in the magical mirror.

Then people of icy kingdom got freed and Eric and Sara, Bronwyn and Gryff, and Nion and Doreena got their love. Then movie ends with the flying bird’s spirit implying about survival of Ravenna.

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IMDB: /10

The huntsman: winter’s war 2016


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