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The Predator (2018)
The Predator (2018)

Science Fictional Horror film, Predator is director Shane Black. The writers are Black & Fred Dekker. Producer of the much-awaited flick is John Davis, Lawerence Gordon the executive producer.


By the mistake of a young boy, Predators find their way towards earth. A team of soldiers & some dissatisfied teachers are given the task of stopping the hunters before they destroy everything.

Main leads, in the flick

Boyd Holbrook – Quinn McKenna,
Emily’s ex-husband
Trevante Rhodes – Nebraska Williams
Keegan-Michael Key – Coyle
Olivia Munn – Casey Brackets
Sterling K. Brown – Will Traeger
Thomas Jane – Baxley
Alfie Allen – Lynch
Augusto Aguilera – Nettles

Henry Jackman has done the music score for this film.

Book your seats, now!!

The dates of the film kept on changing, from February to March to August & now finally it will be screened on the Sept 14th, 2018, at a theater near you. So, what are you waiting for, book your seats, immediately, before the hall gets full.

Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in the predator? Well, after several years, the predator is back.Of course, Schwarzenegger is no longer a part of the movie but action, adventure, and excitement certainly are.The film is a mix of science fiction and horror. The return of the predators is triggered by the accidental antics of a young boy who just plays around with toys. The toys seem to be so harmless but actually, they seem to signal the predators to return while the boy innocently plays with them. They possess unmatched qualities and have become invincible as they have gathered genetic material from different creatures and genetically mutated themselves for the better. Hell is going to break loose on The Earth and the humans have to gear up for the final combat which may make or mar the future of the earth.
Trust 20th-century fox to revel in the heady mix of horror and spine-chilling turn of events. A group of former soldiers and a hassled science teacher seem to be an odd choice for the protectors of the planet. Witness them combat the supernatural alien forces with their intellect, brawn, and belligerence. Be ready for the war of the millennium on September 14th, 2018.

IMDB: /10

The Predator (2018)


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